The Suzuki Burgman Maxi-Scooters and Honda Silver Wings (FSC600) are

a great mechanical marvels but there is one slight problem with them. The

seats can be uncomfortable on long trips. Aftermarket seats are available

with backrests (for over $600.00) but these seats are not as soft as the

factory seat. We have solutions that allows you to save the $600.00, still

uses the factory softer seat, reduces fatigue and makes riding much more


Our backrests are affordable, simple to install, waterproof, look great,

and many models are adjustable. We also have a model for the passenger

for the Burgman 400 and 650.

Our customers rave about them. Please read our testimonial page to see

the proof. We have sold them all over the World and carry them for every

Burgman out there, every year (Suzuki Burgman 650, Suzuki Burgman 650

Executive and the Burgman 400) and also driver's backrest kits for the

Honda Silver Wing (FSC600).

Visit our pages above for more detailed information about each Backrest and visit our online store if you would like to purchase one.

Payments and Shipping For Driver's Backrests:

We take payment via PayPal,  credit cards and also US Postal or international money orders.

If you are placing an order that you intend to pay via PayPal or credit card visit our online store (tab above) and proceed to the checkout.

If you intend to pay by a US Postal or international money order, please email us with your order, name and address (do not go through the online store). We will reply with an invoice. Then send us your USPS or international money order via USPS mail. Once we receive your USPS money order we will send you your item via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping and Handling Charges (all US funds that PayPal will convert any currency)- Anywhere in:

USA and Puerto Rico = $20.00

Australia = $49.26

Austria = $47.45

Belgium = $54.00

Canada = $33.18

France = $41.97

Germany = $41.22

Greece = $45.65

Israel- $45.68

Italy= $53.10

Japan = $47.99

Malaysia= $46.91

Mexico = $39.86

New Zealand = $49.26

Netherlands = $41.78

Nigeria = $54.00

Norway = $42.91

Poland $54.35

Singapore = $46.91

Spain = $47.45

Sweden- $42.91

Turkey- $50.58

UK- $50.34

Shipping quotes are as of 1-2015. The price may currently be a little higher as the USPS has raised their prices a bit.

Email us your location for a shipping quote other than the countries listed above:  

USPS estimates 7-10 days for international orders outside the USA

Motorcycling/Scootering is a dangerous hobby. While every effort has been made to provide a sturdy and reliable backrest, numerous unpredictable conditions and/or variables could occur while using it that could result in unforeseen damages, injuries or even death. By purchasing this backrest, the buyer or rider understands that there are dangers in the motorcycling/scootering hobby and shall not hold the seller or manufacturer liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind arising from the use of this backrest.