011 Honda Silver Wing Buttrest to Backrest Conversion Kit (Fits all years)

As you can see from the picture below, this backrest give you comfortable support.

It is simple to install and can takes about 15 minutes to do so. Installation requires no cutting or modification of your stock seat and installation is totally reversible at any time. The backrest is also waterproof, the color matches the seat and it is affordable. Further, addition of the kit retains the function of the backrest being adjustable forward (closer to the front of the bike) and backward (farther from the front of the bike).

Measurements: Width approximately 16.5 inches, seat height approximately 11.5 inches. 

It provides excellent back support, and reduces driver fatigue. When installed, it can be difficult for a passenger to board but the kit is removable with 2 wrenches within a few minutes.

The model number "001" is the number assigned but they fit
all years of Silver Wings (FSC600) ASIDE FROM THE 2009. If you want one for the 2009 Email us at customerservice@bestbackrests.com.

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