2012 Description:

Dimensions: Height- 10,2 " x Length 20" (across) x Width 16".

These are currently available in black on black, white on black, and also whitish silver on black (as pictured) and these fit the Burgman 650 (including executive). The front view is on the home page. A picture of the white on black is not available. This passenger backrest/top case combination includes the mounting plate and illustrated instructions. It provides lockable storage that can be removable with the key of you want to take it with you. It also has lights that can be hooked up for an additional brake light. The dimensions are 10.5: (height), 20" (Length across) and 16" (width). These do not fit the Burgman 400.

Installation requires purchase at a hardware store of spacers, fasteners and 2 wire splicers (not included with the purchase from us).  

Customers have asked: "Are they durable or flimsy?" They do flex when they are all the way open but they are very sturdy when closed. We also have been asked if the mounting bracket included is strong. These are very strong as they are made of a mild steel with bends. They are a great product.

Shipping via USPS Standard Post included in the USA but not to other countries. If you cannot wait 10 business days for this to ship (in the USA) please consider asking us for the rate to ship it priority mail (it will be expensive) or please do not place the order. We cannot make the USPS ship parcel post any quicker than it does. Once it has left our facility, it is literally out of our hands.

We keep a very small inventory of these items. If you order and you get a reply that they are out of stock, email us at customerservice@bestbackrests.com and let us know which color you would like and we can let you know when they are expected to arrive. They usually arrive to us within 4 business days.

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