, LLC offers an affordable and comfortable product. Our customers can vouch for it!  Here are their testimonials:

   Suzuki Burgman Bestbackrests: (Honda Silver Wing Testimonials at the bottom of the page)

               "400 Burgman Owners---Read This!!!
                I ordered a new Backrest from and
                within a week it was delivered- Great!  The installation
                was a quick 10 min affair- Great!! The test ride was in a
                word....AWESOME!!!   If you have a Burgman 400 (or 650)
                then you need to know these backrests are with out a doubt,
                the best purchase you can make to improve your riding
                experience.  You will get a little  more leg room, and you
                will sit straighter in the seat which is way easier on your
                back after a prolonged ride. You feel more comfortable,
                and stable at highway speeds, and during cornering  you
                feel more in tune with the lean of your scooter. You can
                tie all manner of bags and suitable cargo to the backrest
                and know it won't go flying off as you travel, nor does it
                jam into your back when you brake hard. It also makes
                the scooter look better.  The price is very affordable too!! 
                You can read other testimonials and you will have to agree,
                this is a wise purchase to drastically improve your riding
                experience on your Suzuki Burgman 400.  Thank you to
       for a great backrest at a great price,
                and for the quick shipping and good,clear install instructions.  
                Well done!!!"

                                                                           -   Mike P (Victoria,B.C.)

             " I  have your riders backrest on my Burgman which gives true meaning to your
               companies name.  It's great and if I had to give it up, I'd give up the
               Burgman along with it. 
It's an excellent product that truly works."
                                                                          -   Marvin Ziss
Landenberg, PA

“As you may recall, I purchased a back rest from you in July. I just 
  had the opportunity to finally install and use it about 2 weeks ago. I 
  think the back rest is terrific! I used it on a 100 mile ride from our 
  campground to Chicago. Then rode back a week or so later, and put 
  about 250 miles on the Burgman. I believe the backrest has reduced the 
  strain I used to get on my shoulders. I used to ache in the shoulders 
  after a long ride. The backrest is very comfortable.”  
                                                                 -  Jim Droy 
Homer Glen, Illinois

             “I received the backrest and installed it right away.  I just wanted to
              write and tell you that I have enjoyed it.   I have been using it in
              town mostly back and forth, home to work.  I really appreciate the
              extra support it gives my back while I ride.  It also puts me more
              upright and helps me to keep my concentration on the road which for
              safety purposes is of prime importance.

             About a week ago my wife and I took a longer ride on I15 to a small
             town southwest of Great Falls, for lunch and basically a joy ride.  The 
             backrest was great and performed great on the highway.  So, in me,
             you've got a satisfied customer.  Thanks again.”
                                                                            -   Donald Torgerson
                                                                               Great Falls, Montana

            "I tried mine out today and what a difference. I made a quick ride to
             Pinehurst, NC a round trip of about 150 miles and my back wasn't
             killing me for a change. I highly recommend this backrest and found
             the price reasonable and shipment very fast. I didn't need any of
             the two adjustments (+1 or 2 inches), but placed it in the most rear
             position possible. The rest didn't push me forward into the narrow
             uncomfortable portion of the seat. I'm 6' with a 31" inseem with lower
             back problems. Any of you with back problems would especially
             appreciate this product."
                                                                             - John

              I was able to install the backrest in just minutes on my Burgman 650. 
              I am very pleased with the comfort it is giving me. Actually, it gives me
              from 2 to 4 inches more leg space. I was also pleased in how quickly
              it arrived.  Great job."
                                                                             -  David Smith
                                                                                Phoenix, Arizona.

             "I installed my Best Back Rest today and went for a trial

               ride. Was I ever delighted. The back rest allows me to
               effortlessly sit up nice and tall  and still be sitting relaxed
               which is a good thing. It also seems to make handling the
               Burgman even easier than without it and that's also a
               good thing. It looks great, feels great, was easy to install,
               arrived in what seemed like no time at all and is what I
               feel reasonably priced.
              It was easy to drill a hole in each arm and reinstall the
              original screws that prevent the back rest from being 
              removed. I use it fully inserted so do not need to cut
              notches in the arms thus permitting multiple positions
              but that would be easy to do should I ever need the
             Thank you! "

                         - Paul Pergau, a more than satisfied
                                                               Bestbackrests Burgman 650 Exec
                                                              customer in London, Ontario Canada.

               Hi Mark:
              "Today I received my backrest from and I am              
               pleasantly surprised. I had it installed in 20 minutes and I must say
               it looks like it came with the Burgman being so beautiful and OH SO
               I will never take off as I felt so comfortable with it instead of the original
               butt rest. I could have gone riding for hours today.

              You make a great backrest and I know you will make many riders
               very happy and enjoy your superior product as much as I do. I must
               say you treat your customers with friendly and reliable service.
                                                              - Herman Van Der Veen
                                                                The Free Spirit
                                                                 from the Great Land of Canada"

            "Went for a ride this evening after installing it....WOW.....initial
              trial was great!! Looking forward to doing the Iron Butt with
              my buddies this June!!"

                                                                 - Brux Brule

             " I recently completed about a 1,900 mile round trip to Biloxi,

              MS from central North Carolina. On the return, in one day we
              did about 540 miles and on one length with stopping over
              140 miles, couple of straight 100 miles. Conditions were not
              ideal as we had a 20-25 MPH nearly headwind. No way I've
              could have done it without the backrest. In addition to the
              backrest, I have the bead ridder. For me, this product works
              extremely well, especially for the price."

                                                                -   John
                                                                    From Burgman

Works good takes the pain out of my back. Quick shipping. A+++ "

                                                                     Ebay Member

"Excellent product AAA+"
                                                                      Ebay Member

Backrest looks and works great! Highly recommended!!"
  - Ninrea
                                                                       Ebay Member

              "Very pleased with the price, service, and especially the backrest."
-  bdbarn
                                                                           Ebay Member

              "...Got your backrest on the bike, and like it a lot. It helps when
                riding some of the broken streets in New Orleans, and gives some
                support to the back when going over a street with some cracks, etc.
                                                                            - Joel Coleman
                                                                              New Orleans

                Just a quick note to say, the service of getting the product to me
                so quickly was absolutely shocking to me. Wow, you guys are quite quick.
                As for the backrest wow it is a perfect fit and just what I was looking for
                thanks so much for all your help. I would truly say you are on my favorite
                list so if anyone wants to know about a backrest for this bike you will be
                the first to be mentioned."
                                                                           - David Ralston
                                                                             Tempe Arizona

               "I just got my backrest for my Suzuki Burgman 650. Here are my comments:
                Fast shipping, quality product and a fair price. If Suzuki sold this it would be
                $250! Thanks!"

                                                                           - Wayne Martin
                                                                             San Antonio, Texas

                                                                             - Warren Mercer

             "Received the backrest. Works great rode 300 miles round trip. 
               What a difference.  You need to sell one to every Burgman 650 rider.
               Thanks again great product.

                                                                            - Paul Donahue
                                                                              Kirksville, MO

              "I have been riding by Burgman 650 for several weeks
              since I installed my backrest.  I am 6 feet 2 inches tall
              (barefoot) so I was a little concerned about whether the
              backrest would still allow enough room for my legs on the
              scooter.  I installed it all the way back and rode if for a day
              or two.  It was actually too far back for me.  I removed
              and re-installed it using the one inch spacer that was
              provided to move the seat forward a little.  I have
              thoroughly enjoyed added comfort because of the backrest.

                                                          - Don Nettleton
                                                             Sturgis, SD
                  "I got to try out the one for the 650 today and it is wonderful. The one
                    that was on it forced me to sit forward and destroyed my leg room
                    as well as making the seat quite uncomfortable. Your backrest allows 
                    me to use the whole seat and now I have both a comfortable seat
                    and plenty of leg room as well as a much more comfortable back rest.
                    Thank you"

                                                                                                  -P. Elrod
                                                                                      Tunnel Hill, GA

                     "Great Value! Best $65 I've ever spent! 
                      Huge improvement in Comfort - Leg Room - and Back Support.
                      Helps maintain good posture. Added Bonus... the extra leg room
                      has eliminated my desire to add highway pegs. Not needed now!
                      My only regret....  I didn't order this 2 years ago. Just order one! 

                      P.S. Super Prompt shipping and 5 minute installation."
                                                                                        Jay - Atlanta
Bestbackrests- Silver Wing Buttrest to Backrest Hardware Kit:

                "I have the backrest raiser hardware that one of our members makes and
                 I love it. Yesterday a lady approached me, as she has a Silverwing too,
                 and wanted to know where to get that nifty little piece of hardware that
                 raises the stock driver's backrest up to give real back support. It has
                 been a real ride enhancer for me....thanks"

                                                                              - Grampa Dan

                 "Hi. I received my backrest today and it fits well. It,s a pleasure
                  to ride my silverwing with your bestbackrest. It,s very comfortable.                                                                                   Thank You.

                                                                             - Best regards Harald
                                                                               Harald Lønning